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A large part of wellbeing in the workplace is making sure your staff are health and happy. At WorkSmart we are extremely proud of the client testimonials that we have received and love working with a variety of individuals across our local area in Lancashire.

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Paul coordinated and delivered a staff health questionnaire to establish my employee's needs and preferences. It was useful to highlight the steps that needed to be taken to address themes. The results were presented in an understandable, but professional report, with recommendations at the end. I was delighted to see that the health and wellbeing of staff within school was very good, with only a couple of areas that needed a little work. The two workshops that Paul delivered were informative, interesting and gave useful techniques for my staff to utilise to improve their wellbeing. With Paul's background and knowledge of the challenges faced by teachers, I would recommend him to any school who want to make staff welfare a priority.

Ann-Marie O'NeillHeadteacher at St Peter's RC Primary School

We were so impressed by what PT Health Coaching were offering we decided to run it for our own staff. He started off with a workplace health questionnaire to identify any specific stress points in the business which we could improve, as well as looking at ways we could generally improve staff health and wellbeing. We’ve since introduced regular health checks, and one to one coaching to ensure staff are happy, motivated and committed to the centre, hence delivering a fantastic service to our diverse range of clients. We believe this service is incredibly beneficial to any organisation regardless of size and type of business, which is why we are now offering it to our corporate clients.

David GermainHead of Centre at The Anderton Centre

We started our journey with PT Health Coaching with our management team. We discussed fully with Paul our needs and he tailor made a package to suit us. Initially this was for health checks and time for all the management to meet with him to discuss anything health related, for example stress, alcohol, diet, exercise etc. These initial sessions were so good we extended the invitation to all staff and we had a 98% take up for the health checks. Since then we have offered some staff a tailor-made package to support them for specific needs and the feedback from these individuals has been very positive. Everything that happens in these sessions is totally confidential and no details are shared with the Head Teacher, giving the staff the confidence to openly discuss any concerns whether they are work related or not. This September will see the launch of the school’s Wellbeing Champions, Paul has carried out a 2 days training course and will continue to support the Wellbeing Champions as they start their focus on wellbeing for all staff in school. A whole staff questionnaire was sent out following the health checks to ask specific questions about how work affects individuals wellbeing, there were some great comments for management to consider and changes and discussions have taken place to try and improve on taking care of the staff in school. Paul’s help and guidance in this has been fantastic, he is always at the end of the phone or email to ask questions. On some visits what was planned wasn’t a priority and Paul has been accommodating to individual needs to support the Head Teacher and staff without any problem. We are excited to see what the next academic year will bring, new exercise classes, building on the work of the Wellbeing Champions to name a few. Thank you PT Health Coaching from everyone at Intack Primary School.

Rebecca CunliffeBusiness Manager at Intack Primary School

Paul has been working with us over the course of this year to support staff with their wellbeing. I felt that any ‘one off’ incentives were ineffective. Through conversations with the staff it was clear that very often it was external factors impacting on their work life rather than the other way round so therefore I wanted to try the approach that if they improved these external factors they would be less stressed with work. We have had several sessions: healthy eating, alcohol and its impact, exercise and its impact, sleeping and impact, stress awareness – signs and symptoms, relaxation, time management. We also offered 1-1 sessions over 2 days where staff could go and have a health check and discuss changes they wanted to make to their lifestyles. This included weight, blood pressure, BMI and a conversation about any problems, confidentially. A further 1-1 was offered to evaluate impact. Many of the staff have made positive changes (e.g. changes to their eating habits, exercising more, using strategies to manage their time better, cutting down on sugar, the use of apps to support with sleeping at night etc.). It means that I can now have conversations with staff about how they are supporting their own wellbeing if they are feeling stressed and that they can also have conversations with each other. I was really surprised at how uninformed many of the staff where. I thought that I was well informed on managing my wellbeing but I have learnt quite a few things too. I feel that this approach has been so much more effective than any other approach I have tried in the past. If a one off incentive is given, it often either gets taken for granted or loses its impact as soon as it’s over. This approach also means that staff can be accountable for their own wellbeing and can make positive changes. A couple reported that it made them realise that it wasn’t work that was the problem but other factors that they had control over. It is also very similar to the program that we will be running with the children and it has helped to ensure staff have the correct knowledge to deliver this! I am really happy with Paul’s delivery and knowledge on these topics. He is professional and approachable and is flexible in delivering different topics to suit your needs.


The presentations that you delivered were an overwhelming success where over half of the buildings staff were in attendance. The feedback which both John and myself have received has been outstanding from staff members, stating they would be happy to accept your offer of one to one consultation at a later date. As PCS Learning Reps we would be happy to work with you again as this has proved to be our most successful Learning at Work Day to date.

JohnHR at HMRC

Paul is talented health coach who is genuinely committed to making a positive difference to your employees health and wellbeing. He has a great ability to understand the big picture along with the detail and delivers professional advice and techniques that are achievable, measurable and provide results. His positivity is infectious and he will lead and support your company it's journey. Paul puts you at ease immediately and his wealth of knowledge and expertise gives you total confidence that the initiatives will be a success. Without doubt this is a special service, delivered to an exceptional standard.

RussDirector at Capita

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