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At WorkSmart, we specialise in effective workplace wellbeing services to clients in Blackburn and the surrounding areas. We have a completely client-focused approach to ensure you get what you need from our services.

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Effective Workplace Health & Wellbeing Strategies

Every employer depends on having a healthy and productive workforce. When staff are valued and supported, they are more likely to provide the best outcomes for your business. If you want your employees to remain committed, you must prioritise their mental health. At WorkSmart, we work across the North of England to provide reliable workplace wellbeing programmes.

In order for a health and wellbeing programme to be successful, it requires engagement, time and commitment. There are many benefits to adopting a proactive approach to wellbeing in the workplace. Staff who feel valued are more likely to work positively and to their best ability, and less likely to take sick leave.

A workplace that adopts staff loyalty and high morale will more likely to keep staff, reducing recruitment costs. On top of that, it sends a powerful message about your values and ethics as an employer, attracting a high-quality workforce.

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Our Services

At WorkSmart, we offer a wide range of workplace wellbeing services to clients in Blackburn and the surrounding areas. Some of our services include:

  • 1 to 1 and Group Coaching/Mentoring Programmes
  • Counselling Therapies
  • Physical Activity Sessions
  • Team Building Activities
  • Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs)
  • Health Promotion Events

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Why Is Staff Wellbeing Important To Your Employees?

One third of your life is spent at work. Not only does it provide a source of income but gives us a sense of purpose. Workplace wellbeing is important to any employee, and there is enough evidence to show that active, healthier and engaged employees are far more productive.

A workplace with high levels of stress and presenteeism can lead to issues such as burnout and exhaustion. On top of that, individuals experiencing poor mental health or major challenges in their home life may struggle at work.

Being at work doesn’t have to have a negative impact on people’s mental health. When a workplace is supportive and inclusive, it can help prevent further mental health issues and support those who are struggling. As an employer, it is your responsibility to provide a workplace where:

  • Staff wellbeing is a priority
  • People experiencing issues can openly talk without any fear of stigma
  • There is an ‘Open Door Policy’
  • People are given space to grow and develop their skills

WorkSmart was established to help businesses focus on the wellbeing of their staff. If you have noticed a change in your employee’s productivity, our wellbeing service is here to help. Working in Blackburn and the surrounding areas, we have helped a wide variety of businesses to implement an effective programme. We are CPD Certified, meaning we can offer training courses and programmes to support your business with your health and wellbeing agenda.

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